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RXLEX Branding Packages

The ultimate branding package has arrived! Allow RXLEX to help you strengthen your brand's identity today. Choose the package that fits your business needs. Please read all policies before booking.
RXLEX Branding Packages

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  1. Baws Bae Branding  Bundle
  2. Branding Cake BUNDLE+SAVE
  3. Revision Fee
  4. Back In 'Biz' Bundle
  5. Branding Package *Gold*
  6. Website Content Fee (Add On)
  7. Ai Fashion Brand Website Bundle
  8. Fashion Brand Website Bundle
  9. Baws Basics
  10. Flawsy Bae Branding Bundle
  11. Bougie Baws Branding Bundle
  12. Branding Package *Diamond*
  13. Branding Package *Platinum*
  14. Branding Package *Silver*