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Inventory List Instructions

Thank you for choosing RXLEX Website Design Services! This following message applies to services for a booking app and inventory for your website. Please follow all of the directions promptly in order for me to give you A1 service. Failure to follow these procedures exactly as they are written will result in your project getting canceled. The following infographics are direct visuals of how to set your inventory list up if the visual is needed.

All e-mails MUST be sent to:

1. Inventory list must be sent in one document via e-mail! All items must be on the list, anything sent outside of the one document will not be updated. No facebook messages, no text, the document must be sent via e-mail! No exceptions. I will not work if these documents are not sent to me properly.

2. Inventory list MUST include:

a) Photo used for item

b) Written descriptions (If you want me to write your descriptions that is a paid service)

c) Do you charge tax yes or no?

d) Quantity (How many of the item do you have?)

e) Price

f) Size/Color Options etc.

VERY IMPORTANT: I need you to be super detailed when sending me your inventory/service list. For example: if you are telling me you have a quantity of 5 apples, I need to know the details for the apples. I have 1 blue small apple, 2 big green apples, and 2 red medium apples. If I do not get these details with your initial list, I will skip over the misinformation and only work on the information I do have. It is going to be a charge to add or fix. I need this information correct the first time. If there is a mistake in information, your project will have to be rescheduled and you will have to pay for an additional fee to get it continued.

Please do a checklist before sending me your list! If any of these items are missing, I will not complete the project until the document is sent completely filled out. Information can be left out only if applicable.

If you are providing services, please provide me with the following information:

1. The service name
2. The time duration
3. Any description you would want with it
4. Photo (if needed)
5. Price

Summary: I need ONE document containing all of this information.

The following photo is a visual with the same instructions I just wrote out. 

Thank you for reading.

The following photos are perfect examples of how to send me your inventory list. If you do not know how to set this up please follow this template!