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Design Policies


These are the main policies regarding the RXLEX website design service. Upon booking the service, you will receive the rest of the policies in complete detail alongside with every bit of information you will need. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Please read upon booking any service.

When you hire me as your designer, it is important to note that this work is a collaborative effort. As the client, it is your duty to be completely prepared to work upon booking and provide me with the materials and information that will be necessary for me to work with. It is imperative that you have a clear vision for your brand before placing an order. Any previous work that you have seen displayed by me also required the client to be prepared which lead to amazing results.

**Note: Processing times and production times are separate! Your production time will only begin when your project is in production. After information is approved, your project will be moved into the work queue. Production time will begin when your project is next on the work queue.

To check website design availability please click here: Website Design Schedule

  • Due to high demand of service please check the website design schedule for availability before booking to get a time frame of when your project can be scheduled. Note: all items must be turned in correctly in order to be put on the website design schedule. If you would like to have your project completed earlier, please purchase the rush order option.
  • Make Payment (Payments are due in full for website design. Unless you registered for the payment plans. Website Designs are Non-Refundable)
  • *Website designing still begins if you have registered for the payment plan and still have not paid in full 
  • Sign Service Agreement (Contract Will Be Emailed For Review and Signing)
  • Complete Website Info-graphic Form (Website Form Will Be Emailed After Service Agreement Signing and Payment is Complete)
  • All text must be TYPED out and emailed in a clear and concise form using the form that will be e-mailed to you upon booking the service. Entering the information on the website form word document and emailing the document back is recommended. No hand written or photos of information will be accepted.
  • Photos for slideshows, banners and products MUST be high quality, professional photos. Stock photos are allowed but not always recommended depending on what type of business you are running. You are always welcome to inquiry.
  • Sign Up For E commerce Site And Pay For Your Desired Plan (These fees are made directly to the platforms used, monthly. These fees will not be covered by RXLEX)
  • Plans For Shopify Are As Low As $39 Per Month [ ]
  • Plans for Wix Are As Low As $23 Per Month [ Wix Pricing Information | Upgrade to a Premium Plan | ]
  • Purchasing a unique website domain url is highly recommended. If no domain is purchased, your website url will include or
  • Upon booking you must read the Inventory Instruction page if your website is going to require inventory. Click here to view the inventory instructions.

Order processing time: 24-48 Hours (Includes signing of service agreement process please see policies if you have questions pertaining to design process)

Please be advised that Service turnaround time begins only when client turns in all required information see policies for additional details.

**Please allow 2-14 Business days for service to be completed. Service can be completed sooner depending on the amount of orders at the time. If a rush order is needed please type in express order in the search bar and have your order moved to the top of the work queue.

NOTE: No work will begin until service agreement is signed by both parties.

1. Read the service agreement before signing it! I am not responsible for any information you did not read. 

2. Website Design service projects/contracts are only good for 30 days, branding packages have a 60 day contract if you do not send the required information needed to complete the website within the the time frame the project is canceled and non refundable. (Please refer to policy #20)

3. Extension is available upon request. Communication is key. No communication no extension.

4. I will not send you reminders upon your expiration date! That is a client responsibility. Due to having so many clients it is very difficult to individually reach out to every single person about their project. As a contractor I have to show you I am serious about your project and as a client it is professional to show me that you are serious about your project. If I am sure to remember all of my clients' design dates, as a client, you should be able to remember and keep track of the dates that are given to you by me. Your design dates will be given to you weeks in advance.

5. Contract Renewal: When your expiration date has passed and you still have not sent in the required information, your project is expired and you will need to pay a renewal fee to reinstate your contract. Your renewal fee must be paid within two months of your expiration date otherwise your project will not be renewed and it will be permanently canceled.

6. A website revamp does not include anything being done with products. It is only for the design.

7. The Website Design service includes only 10-15 products being uploaded, if you would like more products to be uploaded, you can pay for that service in Website Management.

8. Three free revisions are given for the design service anything after that will be charged a fee. (Please see revision policy for more details)

9. If you need me to teach you how to use the website upon completion you must book a phone consultation. The website host forum you choose has information on how to attain that information. Please advise them.

10. Inquiring about the progress of your project in a reasonable manner is never an issue. Please do not harass/rush me about your project especially after you have been communicated with regarding the timing. You are given specific dates within my website design scheduling system. As a client please wait your turn for your service to be completed because it will be completed in a timely fashion. The first time you ask about the progress I will refer you to the policy, the second time your project will be canceled. Help me finish your project efficiently by allowing me to work. 

11. If you do not send all of the information needed to complete your website in the format that it needs to be sent to my e-mail, I will not do work and your project is subject to be canceled.

12. Once you approve the website design when I send you the preview your free revisions do not count if you did not already make them. The preview stage is when you make all the changes that are needed. (Please see revision policy for more details)

13. You have 3 days upon design completion to reach out to me about any errors that could have been made on my part or changes that you would like made. If you miss that window, corrections may still be made but there will be a  charge and it is no longer considered for the 3 free revisions. Time is of the essence.

14. If you need your website completed faster than the time frame that is given you may pay for an express order.

15. When sending me your inventory/services information please make sure it is thorough and look it over before sending it to me. I will upload whatever information based on what is sent to me. If inventory/services are uploaded wrong or missing information due to you not looking it over, that will not be considered a free revision and it will be a charge to fix. If there are too many mistakes I will not work on it. Misinformation within the important information that I need causes the website design process to be backed up.

16. Pre-made templates are considered website revamps. 

17. There is a new website design scheduling system first come first served. Everyone will get time slots for their website design. 

18.  No refunds on services. Once you purchase, all sales are final! Unfortunately due to the nature of work, there are no refunded cancellations of projects due to a sudden change. Certain terms surrounding extenuating uncontrolled circumstances can be negotiated. 

19. If the service agreement is not signed, there is no work that will be done!

20. I will not put you on the work queue until you send me all of the necessary items in the necessary format.

21. Review business hours, business hours are strictly enforced. Communication may take place outside of business hours if applicable. For example if you send an e-mail at 7:59 PM Friday, please expect an e-mail response sometime on the following Monday after 10AM.

22. As a client, please respect business hours. Refrain from reaching out regarding updates on your current project seeing as I the Contractor will already contact you and give you the necessary updates on your project. I am servicing other clients as well and it is difficult to be in constant contact with said client while trying to complete current projects in a timely fashion. Please respect professional etiquette boundaries that are set in order to guarantee the best results for the project. 

23. As the contractor, when a client violates the respect level of the client contractor relationship I reserve the right to end services with the said client with no refund. Clients are not allowed to be unruly, there is no cursing, no badgering or any said behaviors to disrupt respect within the client/contractor relationship. 

24. (ADJUSTED MAY 2021) NEW POLICY: If a project exceeds the 30 day mark, the client must pay a reinstatement fee to continue service. If the client does not pay a reinstatement fee, by the 60 day mark, the project will be completely canceled and will still follow the no refund policy. The project becomes ineligible for reinstatement. You would then need to book a completely new service in order to continue work. See service agreement for pricing.

25. I do not set up your shipping/pick up/ e-mail marketing info on your website. I specialize in website design, if you would like that service along side with your design service please see the website management option.  Website Management Link

26.  If you are unreachable during your design dates and the project is incomplete because you were unable to be reached, your project can be rescheduled with a reinstatement fee. I will send one e-Mail to attempt communication. After 3 days after sending an e-Mail and no response the project will be canceled and non refundable. 

27.  You are responsible for sending me the correct spelling regarding information for your website. Any spelling errors made on my end will be corrected. Any spelling errors published due to client failing to double check will fall under allotted revision or will be a charge to correct. 

28. Aesthetically pleasing websites look amazing because of the content provided by the customer. If you do not have content for your project, I will be happy to customize and provide content for you. You are able to purchase a $250 Content fee that must be added to your website service so that I can accurately represent your brand.

- This option is available for you if you just would like content for your website this will include, mock ups, Ai models, and product photos. Please visit the website design page for more details.

I will also assess if a content fee is necessary for your project

If sufficient content is not provided for your website design service, you must add this service to your cart. Service will not continue until sufficient/ approved content is submitted, or this fee is paid.

29. If for any reason you are unable to reach the time stamps within my policies, please communicate with me. I am unable to attempt to accommodate you without any communication.



1. Sign up coupons will expire in 30 days, starting from the day you receive them.

2. 20% off coupon will only apply to lash products.

3. 10$ off coupon will apply to your first branding order.

4. For the 10$ off coupon to be activated, you will need to spend a minimum of $60.00.

5. If your coupon code expires, it cannot be renewed.

6. All coupons sent via e-mail will have their own expiration date.

7. There are a few items that do not apply to the branding coupon.

Revision Policy:

Although I am the designer, please always feel free to send suggestions they will assist with the design process. 

1. When I send you a preview of your design, that is the window in which you have to be able to let me know of changes that need to be made to your design. Designs are produced with the information that you send. If you know you want a design to look a certain way, please be VERY specific about your needs.

Rushing the process of desired information can hinder your design process greatly so please take the time given to send accurate information in order for your service to be completed in the best manner.

2. You are given only three free revisions! After your third revision, you may still ask for edits but there will be a fee. Please see website/design management to assess fees.

Again, please take your time when gathering information pertaining to your desired design outcome. This is the time to present all design ideas. Please have a very good idea of what you are wanting/needing to make the process a successful one. This is the time for you to present your list of all of your design requests. It is better to bring this information before production instead of after. 

3. However, once I send you a design preview and you approve of the design, "saying that you like it... etc" the design is now locked in. The three free revisions are forfeited and you must pay a fee for further revisions. 

4. When a design preview is given to you please spend time reviewing the design before giving approval.

5. I design based off of the instructions that are given to me. Poor instructions will yield poor results. To enhance your experience please provide me instructions with extreme detail.

If you give me vague design directions and you would like something revised, there will be a charge to edit because of the information that was not given initially

6. Please be advised, if you request that I "freestyle" your project, the three revision rule will still apply.

7. Client files (graphic files) are only kept for 45 days (after duration of project)

8. A revision is considered a small change/edit, if I have to actually redo the project due to lack of information you will have to pay for a new project. Please take your time gathering needed information to avoid this.

9. If you ask for a edit/revision pertaining to any information that was not previously sent in before the project had been worked on, that will not be considered a free revision and there will be a charge. 

If your edit request exceeds the realm of small revision, you will be charged a redesign fee. Service will not continue until a redesign fee is paid.

10. There is a difference between a revision and an edit. A revision is a small change, an edit would be a new design. There are only three free revisions. Any editing would require a fee.

+++  Freestyle Request

1. 3 Revision rule applies to freestyle request as well, however if you send "design requests" that you did not request during the initial consultation, you will be charged a fee. Please only request a freestyle project if you truly trust the creative freedom of the contractor.

  • The graphic designer agrees to provide creative graphic design services to the client for the project specified above.
  • The designer will exercise creative freedom in designing and delivering the project, and the client agrees to trust the designer's expertise and artistic judgment.



Work Queue Information:

I design based off of a work queue/ design schedule. Please see Design Process for more information. 

Please be advised, I work on projects based on the order that they are received AND if the information required is complete. In the event that I may have to reach out to ask for more/missing information, I will have to put your project back into the work queue and work on client projects that already have submitted completed information.

 You always have the option of placing a rush order in order to have your project moved to the front of the line.

If you would like your project completed in a timely manner and in the original timeframe, please make sure to submit your information in totality. Take your time during the design questionnaire to ensure your design process goes smoothly.

Digital Products:

1. No reselling or redistributing of digital products under any circumstances!


WHAT IS ALLOWED: Use these photos in all of your DIY projects & any marketing materials used to promote your business as you so please. Such as on your website, social media or print on demand, materials & so much more. 

WHAT IS PROHIBITED: Resell these photos, Redistribute, or sell these images in any form including any edited versions you have created. 
All of my stock images have full commercial use.

Thank you for reading!

- Management