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RXLEX Redesign Fee

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**Note: Once your redesign fee is paid, your project will go back into the work queue for revision. You will then fill out your design form again. Once information is submitted and approved, Turnaround time will begin. Please review design process for additional details

Please review the revision policy below:

Revision Policy:

Although I am the designer, please always feel free to send suggestions they will assist with the design process. 

1. When I send you a preview of your design, that is the window in which you have to be able to let me know of changes that need to be made to your design. Designs are produced with the information that you send. If you know you want a design to look a certain way, please be VERY specific about your needs.

Rushing the process of desired information can hinder your design process greatly so please take the time given to send accurate information in order for your service to be completed in the best manner.

2. You are given only three free revisions! After your third revision, you may still ask for edits but there will be a fee. Please see website/design management to assess fees.

Again, please take your time when gathering information pertaining to your desired design outcome. This is the time to present all design ideas. Please have a very good idea of what you are wanting/needing to make the process a successful one. This is the time for you to present your list of all of your design requests. It is better to bring this information before production instead of after. 

3. However, once I send you a design preview and you approve of the design, "saying that you like it... etc" the design is now locked in. The three free revisions are forfeited and you must pay a fee for further revisions. 

4. When a design preview is given to you please spend time reviewing the design before giving approval.

5. I design based off of the instructions that are given to me. Poor instructions will yield poor results. To enhance your experience please provide me instructions with extreme detail.

If you give me vague design directions and you would like something revised, there will be a charge to edit because of the information that was not given initially

6. Please be advised, if you request that I "freestyle" your project, the three revision rule will still apply.

7. Client files (graphic files) are only kept for 45 days (after duration of project)

8. A revision is considered a small change/edit, if I have to actually redo the project due to lack of information you will have to pay for a new project. Please take your time gathering needed information to avoid this.

9. If you ask for a edit/revision pertaining to any information that was not previously sent in before the project had been worked on, that will not be considered a free revision and there will be a charge. 

If your edit request exceeds the realm of small revision, you will be charged a redesign fee. Service will not continue until a redesign fee is paid.

10. There is a difference between a revision and an edit. A revision is a small change, an edit would be a new design. There are only three free revisions. Any editing would require a fee.

+++  Freestyle Request

1. 3 Revision rule applies to freestyle request as well, however if you send "design requests" that you did not request during the initial consultation, you will be charged a fee. Please only request a freestyle project if you truly trust the creative freedom of the contractor.

  • The graphic designer agrees to provide creative graphic design services to the client for the project specified above.
  • The designer will exercise creative freedom in designing and delivering the project, and the client agrees to trust the designer's expertise and artistic judgment.