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Size Chart Flyer

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This service will benefit anyone with a clothing brand, or anyone who is in the development stages of a clothing brand.

Having a clothing sizing chart on your website significantly enhances the online shopping experience by providing customers with the necessary information to make informed decisions about their purchases. It helps in reducing the rate of returns due to incorrect sizing, thereby saving costs and logistical efforts for the retailer. Additionally, it increases customer satisfaction and confidence in their purchases, as they can select their correct size with greater accuracy. This not only improves the overall customer experience but also fosters trust and loyalty towards the brand. Moreover, a sizing chart supports international customers by accommodating different sizing standards, ultimately expanding the customer base and increasing sales potential.

Custom Ai Models, One Flyer, Up to 7 Custom Models representing different body sizes

What happens after you have placed your order? (Please Read):

1. You will receive the service agreement, and a design form containing information needed for the next steps of service within 24-48 hours of booking via e-mail (I will send the email to the email address provided during booking. If you do not receive 2 emails, please contact me!)

2. You will have 30 days to return needed informaiton to me within the correct format. All directions will be listed in detail within the email that I send,

3. Information must be turned in within the exact format or your project will not move on to the next step.

Order processing time: 24-48 Hours (Includes signing of service agreement process please see policies if you have questions pertaining to design process)

Please be advised that Service turnaround time begins only when client turns in all required information and the information is approved. See policies for additional details.

**Please allow 2-14 Business days for service to be completed. Service can be completed sooner depending on the amount of orders at the time. If a rush order is needed please type in express order in the search bar and have your order moved to the top of the work queue.

NOTE: No work will begin until service agreement is signed by both parties.

Price may be higher or lower than base price depending on the details above,

This service will include realistic digital mock-ups of your clothing design 

Ways to contact me to discuss service:

Send me a dm on Instagram @rx.lex_

Visit Contact Us page

Submit an inquiry on my homepage

Book a phone consultation (credit will be used towards your service)

send an e-mail to,

Thank you for your cooperation



quantity details about mock-ups

ONE fashion mock-up is considered one top and one bottom. One color is considered one mock-up as well. Essentially one whole outfit.

One front view of the outfit is considered ONE mock-up. One back view of the outfit is considered ONE mock-up.

In the event that you do not have a full outfit that you need for a mock-up, one shirt by itself for ex. is ONE mock-up. One accessory, is considered ONE mock-up.

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